About Us

Founding Members Harbor Loot LLC

We Love Gaming (and dressing up for Halloween)!

 As a passionate gamers, we started Harbor Loot to help make your games even more fun to play! 

As avid gamers, we know what gamers want, and we use our own experiences (and our friends) to guide product development and priorities. Since we play Pathfinder regularly, it was only natural that our very first product had to do with dice: the Harbor Loot Dice Tray!

We are dedicated to bringing the very best gaming accessories to the very best gamers. Every company talks about quality, but we demand it. We negotiate exceptionally high quality control standards with all of our manufacturers.  We believe that the extra time and resources  we spend testing multiple manufactures and hiring onsite quality control teams is always worth the cost.  Of course, mistakes can happen and when they do we always have our customers backs. We promise to treat all of our customers like they are playing at our own game table. 

It is our belief, that in an almost commodity like market, Harbor Loot’s dedication to quality, and our love for fellow gamers, will inspire confidence and customer loyalty. Table top gaming is more popular than ever, and Harbor Loot is happy to be a part of this amazing hobby!


Global Sourcing & Local Delivery

 Global Sourcing

Harbor Loot LLC is a growing company with big aspirations!

By partnering with leading manufacturers and suppliers on a global scale, we can design and deliver exceptional quality and value to our customers. 

Local Delivery

Harbor Loot LLC is proudly headquartered in Lubbock Texas.  We believe in operating with integrity and treating everyone with respect and dignity. We apply these values to all parts of our business from our partnerships to the final product, and everything in between. 

Harbor Loot LLC is also very proud to partner with Amazon’s fulfillment service to make our products available nationwide, on time, and delivered right to your door.