Blue Dice Shaker Cup & Matching Dice

Blue Dice Cup Set With Matching Dice

Your new Harbor Loot dice cup set has been designed by gamers and table tested.

Each dice cup is comfortable to hold with a smooth leather like feel and is expertly sized for adult hands. Your new Harbor Loot dice set with cup is small enough to fit almost every grip, yet it is also big enough to easily shake the included standard sized playing dice with room to spare. 

It also comfortably accommodates oversized dice like those used in King of Tokyo. The Harbor Loot dice cup is not only great for casual games like Yahtzee, LCR, or Bunco, but also for role-playing groups using polyhedral dice sets. It is great for rolling lots of dice in Dungeons & Dragons, Pathfinder, and Warhammer (It is quieter than using a dice tower too, plus it works great to gently roll Harbor Loot’s full metal dice). 

Your new leatherette dice cup’s inner velvet lining is soft to the touch, comes in multiple vibrant colors, and helps to quiet the sounds of the dice as you shake them. Ditch the cheap plastic shaker, and it’s ear shattering racket, for a much more sophisticated and gentle dice rolling experience. You can even upgrade the experience more by combining the dice cup with your own Harbor Loot dice tray!

Finally, express your sense of style by picking the color that best fits you. With matching dice, you can’t go wrong. The dice are not only great looking, but the translucency ensures that any flaws, such as air bubbles in the molding, can’t be hidden. This helps to ensure that your dice look great and roll fair every time. 

Pick your colors and get rolling. Gaming Goodness Awaits! ™