Gaming Goodness Awaits!

Ditch your old cardboard box lid and start rolling in style with your own Harbor Loot Dice Tray!

 We have all done it; we have all used a game box lid to roll dice in, or worse, simply let your dice fly all over the table on every roll. Never chase your dice under the table again looking for that elusive die, or “calling” it out of bounds if it isn’t on the table. Your new premium dice tray will keep all your dice safe and sound where they belong and fully accounted for every time. 

Designed By Gamers and Table Tested

Made By Gamers



This dice tray was created by avid gamers, people who know exactly what you need.

We can’t count the number of times runaway dice thundered over our carefully-placed pieces, instantly stopping heart-pounding gameplay action. Building on our experience, we are committed to providing you with the best possible gaming accessories to make your games more fun.

A Trusted Brand



Harbor Loot is headquartered in Lubbock Texas. We take pride in operating with integrity. This is reflected in our high-quality products that keep our customers coming back.

We treat our customers as if they are playing at our very own gaming table. We have the time of our lives playing games, and we want you to join the fun!

A Treasure Trove For Gamers



Up the ante with gaming accessories that tell everyone on the table you mean business! Beyond dice trays, we’ve got you covered with even more best-selling gaming goodness.

Nothing goes better with a new dice tray than some brand new dice. From matching translucent dice and velvet lined dice rolling cups, to the finest metal dice on the market, Harbor Loot has you covered.

Perfectly Sized For Your Needs



This dice tray is specifically designed to be as large as possible to comfortably roll dice in yet still travel and store easily.

At 6.5 x 9.5 inches when snapped, it provides a long runway for your rolls and can easily handle fistfuls of dice.

At 8.5 x 11.25 inches when flat, it fits nicely in binders, bags, and a variety of game boxes.

Plenty of Room for All Dice Types


 From chunky King of Tokyo dice to full metal dice, and everything in between, the Harbor Loot dice tray can handle it all. 

Shows Off Your Dice By Looking So Darn Good



Dice really do look better in a Harbor Loot dice tray. Everything is intentional when it comes to the design of this tray.

1. The embossed branding is intentionally out of site, on the bottom of the tray, to allow your dice to be center stage (as a side note - the dice tray also helps keep meeples and tokens beautifully organized when you're not rolling dice).

2. The durable velvet and vivid color choices were specifically chosen to create a high contrast backdrop making dice easier to read and use.

3. The combination of black PU Leather and stitched velvet lining simply looks great at the table and holds up well over time.

Your Harbor Loot dice tray ensures smooth rolls, exceptional style, and happy gamers!

 Buy with confidence, knowing your new tray is made by gamers, table tested, and backed with integrity.