Give Yourself a Fighting Chance

Like a fine sword, Harbor Loot dice are perfectly balanced and made of precision cast metal



Made from the finest metal zinc alloy and boasting clean, hard edges, our polyhedral dice are ideal for hardcore gamers who dedicate their time to ridding the realm of ghosts, ghouls, and ghasts. As a matter of fact, 9 out of 10 paladins agree that Harbor Loot metal dice are blessed by the gods!


Wizards Love D6 for Fireballs!


 When you're not blowing up your friends by accident, use the extra d6 to obliterate your enemies. 

Rogues Hit Harder With More D6!


 Sneak attacks are objectively more fun with an extra Harbor Loot d6 die. Plus you can loot the body! 

Buy 2 Sets of Dice to Perfect Your Collection!


 Buying two sets of dice will allow will you to easily roll up new characters, sling fire balls, sneak attack, and have extra dice for everything else. 

A Cleric's Confidence



The party's very lives depend on you! Don't let them down with knock off dice. Take heart in knowing your dice are inspected at the factory by a 3rd party QC team to ensure quality and to verify craftsmanship. Whether your healing, buffing, or dealing damage, do it with confidence.

Druids, Rangers, and Bards Oh My!


 The eye sees what it wants. The druids sees the green and thinks of groves of respite while the ranger sees fields of copper plains in fall. The bard though, the bard sees gamblers green and coin for a song. Whatever your take, never underestimate the power of the mind. 


Every Day, Every Game, Gaming Goodness Awaits!